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Thomas Tuchel:Time Running Out Me



Chelsea beat Palmeiras 2-1 in the Club World Cup final for the first time in their history.

Kai Havertz scored Chelsea’s 2-1 win; Thomas Tuchel proved ill at the chance to reach the United Arab Emirates in time

Thomas Tuchel admits he almost lost
Thomas Tuchel has revealed that he only beat Covid to his “second to final” opportunity to coach Chelsea in his first World Cup.

The German Blues boss admits he has cut short a frustrating attempt to coach Chelsea in the FA Cup fourth round tie against Plymouth and the semi-final of the World Cup from his office.

Tuchel proved unlucky to have a great chance of reaching the United Arab Emirates in time though, and continued to play as the Blues beat Palmeiras 2-1 after extra time at Mohammed Bin Zayed Stadium.

Kai Havertz was delighted after scoring from the penalty spot in extra time in the final of the World Cup.

You Havertz are happy after the shot from the head except the goalkeeper
“We used to end up with lights, and with time difference we knew the end was coming,” Tuchel said.

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“So it’s a second to last opportunity, the last one coming this morning. So I’m glad we got it.

“I was often on my way to the airport, and often on my way back while driving I was called back because my test was bad.

“And we finally did it, I arrived yesterday for dinner, at 8.15pm. I arrived on time to the team, giving a chance to participate in the final training session, so I took meetings today.

Tuchel with Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich

Tuchel with Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich
“It’s not a good thing to watch the semi-final in the office on the screen, but as a coach you want to be on the sidelines. The effort was very good.

“I have a tactical signal to see the entire stadium and a TV signal on the big screen to watch games from a distance. And I was with my assistant on board.

“We did the same with the cup, but not like I used to talk to them, it was more or less every 10 or 15 minutes.

“It’s amazing. Teaching is also about hearing, online, so I also need input from people on the sidelines. It’s impossible to coach just from the office.”

Romelu Lukaku celebrates after opening the scoring for Chelsea in the World Cup final

Romelu Lukaku opened the scoring
Romelu Lukaku’s goal gave Chelsea the chance to beat Brazil on Saturday night, but Thiago Silva’s handball left Palmeiras back in the game.

Raphael Veiga buried a free kick but the keeper, but Chelsea calmed down and finally deserved their victory.

Head Havertz shifted the shot from head to toe in extra time, holding his nerves in a short delay where the Blues figured out who would drop the weight.

Chelsea now have an unprecedented level of success at any major World Cup, with owner Roman Abramovich on hand to beat the Blues.

Tuchel revealed that he told Israeli billionaire Abramovich that the victory was for him as the two players embraced the stadium after the final match.

Mason Mount faces an idol on the side
Tuchel, of Abramovich said “For him, there is no doubt that for him.”

“We met on the pitch quickly after the final. He said, ‘Congratulations.’ “I’m happy to be part of the team. He. So the trophy belongs to him.”

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