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Laport Reject Cryptocurrancy Offer



Cryptocurrency: Laporta has rejected an offer of miliyan 70 million

BarcelonaSpotify Camp Nou is the new name of the Barcelona stadium

Barcelona president Barcelona resigns during talks with Spotify

When they were looking for a new wet carrier, Barcelona accepted an offer from several cryptocurrency exchange companies offering more money than Spotify, but the board rejected them due to unhappiness in the sector.

The Catalan club has partnered with and, offering fans Fan Tokens which is a form of cryptocurrency for games, but Barcelona president Joan Laporta enjoyed the trip with a small Spotify music offer. .

“It ‘s part of an imaginary, dangerous, fast-paced and unethical group,” the board said.

This summer, Joan Laporta’s board rejected an offer of miliyan 70 million plus a 20 per cent increase on the results of the first men’s club. This is not enough to tempt them to associate with the field.

The offer goes beyond Barcelona’s domestic control, including the legal department, but it does not satisfy the business department or the governing body. Other suggestions from the department came in the months that followed, but all were discarded.

Barcelona, ​​in addition to funding, is seeking support commensurate with the value of the organization, which is included in the support of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights enshrined in the organisation’s charter at a meeting of the group’s members.

Conversations with Spotify

Negotiations with Spotify are now in the final stages and the final figure of the deal will be between 70 70 million and miliyan 75 million, including sportsbook variants.

As provided by this contract, Spotify will not only have the front of the men’s shirt first, but also the women’s shirt, after the training shirt and the right to be named Camp Nou. So the offer is worth less than what the cryptocurrency companies offer.


“The world of cryptocurrencies is completely new. And it’s complicated, very difficult, it can take some serious risk for those who get involved if they don’t know it well, and even if they know it well,” Jose Parra . Professor of blockchain at the Copenhagen School of Business, told EFE.

“You can lose a lot of money. Maybe being associated with this sadness is something Barça does not want.

“It differs from a non-governmental organization that has a long history of existence (UNICEF) or a large international strategic organization (Rakuten) than it was with a start-up or a new company such as a cryptocurrency company.”

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